The Curse of the Voynich


The 16-page annotated bibliography for The Curse of the Voynich is currently formatted as a 250K PDF file with clickable links.

For ease of reference, each of the book's twelve chapters has its own separate annotated bibliography, with a brief commentary on the sources used for every section within those chapters.

To see this bibliography, please click here.

Extra materials

Various materials referred to in the book's main text were either unpublished or very hard to find: and so we decided to make a number of them available online here.

For now, here are some letters from William Romaine Newbold's papers in the University of Pennsylvania archive. All were transcribed and reformatted into HTML by Nick Pelling.

Errata to v1.0

The current collection of errata found in v1.0 ("Emma Vine (Broceto)") is the small [50K] PDF file here. A number of people have contributed to this, though the majority were pointed out by Barbara Barrett and Augusto Buonafalce.

Please let us know (preferably by email) if you find any additional mistakes or inconsistencies in the book that should perhaps be corrected in a revised edition.