The Curse of the Voynich

"The Curse of the Voynich"

Once in a while, a book comes along that takes your breath away, by unveiling the surprising world lurking beneath the surface.

"The Curse of the Voynich" reveals for the first time the controversial Voynich Manuscript's lost history - a gripping tale of power and poisons, of inventions and intrigues... and of ciphers and secrets.

No courtly hoax, nor madman's ravings, this strange enciphered time capsule calls out to us across the centuries, telling of frustrated ambition and Renaissance genius. That which is occulted may well not be occult...

With excellent reviews both in Fortean Times and in the foremost cryptological journal Cryptologia, "The Curse of the Voynich" is a book with subtlety and style, depth and detail: one which everyone with an interest in secret history should read. Available here, direct from the writer's own publishing house!

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Book Details

Title: The Curse of the Voynich
Author: Nicholas John Pelling
Publisher: Compelling Press
ISBN: 0-9553160-0-6
Pages: 236
Dimensions: 156mm x 234mm
Weight: Approx 360g
Illustrations: 150+
Price: 9.95