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Jan. 4, 1922.

Dr. William R. Newbold,
     University of Pennsylvania,
       Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Dr Newbold:

    I was very much interested and impressed by the paper that

you read at the evening session of the Astronomical Society,

without however, being by any means convinced that Bacon had

a telescope capable of showing the character in the nebula

in Andromeda or a microscope capable of showing organic cells.

    With regard to the Andromeda nebula, no astronomer would

accept the explanation that a few centuries ago it was oriented

in an appreciably different direction.  It is, in fact, possible

to prove by measurement that such a change cannot have taken

place.  Some other explanation is necessary.

    I should like to look into some of your references at

leisure.  Will you kindly let me have the titles, etc., of some

of the more easily accessible works to which you refer?

    With kind regards, I am

Very truly yours,

Frank Schlesinger.