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June 8, 1922.

Professor W.Romaine Newbold,
212 St. Mark's Square,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Professor Newbold:

                    I have just returned from the Middle West and apologize

for not writing you sooner but I really could not.

                    Tomorrow I shall send you an article on the Bacon MS.

which recently appeared in the London Illustrated News.

                    I am glad to hear that you managed to send the photographs

to Rome by messenger. It was the safest way under the circumstances.    I was also

glad to learn that you will probably succeed in enlarging your fund by some $1500.

                    As for the question of reprints - I quite see your point

that you do not wish to kill the sales of your book.  On the other hand when I spoke

to you about 50 copies I regarded this as a small number of copies which cannot affect

the sale of the book as they will be distributed among people who will not buy

the book but to whom we shall send copies of the book.    I asked Dr Elmer a long time

ago for 50 copies of your paper and mine (which I should be glad to pay for) but

I never heard definitively whether I would get this number or not.

                    I expect to be in Philadelphia next week for a day or two

and shall hope to see you then.    With kindest regards to Mrs Newbold and yourself,

I am

Yours sincerely,

Wilfrid M. Voynich